Advertise in California English

California English, the journal of the California Association of Teachers of English, is published four times a year. California English has a circulation of approximately 2,000 and a readership of about 6,500.

Publication Schedule

California English is published on the following schedule:

EditionCopy Deadline
JanuaryDec. 1
MayApr. 1
SeptemberAug. 1
NovemberOct. 1

Advertising Rates

Discounts are given for multiple ads paid on a single order. Multiple ads can be in the same edition or separate editions (separate editions need not be sequential). Ads do not need to be of the same type to qualify for discount rate. Ad copy can change between editions at no additional charge.

Color Ads1 Insertion2 Insertions3 Insertions4 Insertions
Two page spread$800$1,440 ($720 ea.)$2,040 ($680 ea.)$2584
Cover*$550$ 990 ($495 ea.)$1,395 ($465 ea.)$1767
Full inside page$500$ 900 ($450 ea.)$1,275 ($425 ea.)$1615
Half page**$300$ 540 ($270 ea.)$ 765 ($255 ea.)$969
Grayscale Ads1 Insertion2 Insertions3 Insertions4 Insertions
Two page spread$640$1,152 ($576 ea.)$1,632 ($544 ea.)$2068
Full inside page$400$ 750 ($375 ea.)$1,050 ($350 ea.)$1330
Half page**$200$ 370 ($185 ea.)$ 435 ($145 ea.)$551
Quarter page$175$ 300 ($150 ea.)$ 390 ($130 ea.)$494
Eighth page$100$ 160 ($80 ea.)$ 210 ($70 ea.)$266

* Inside front cover, inside back cover, or outside back cover. Specify when ordering.
** Half page ads can are one half of a full page split vertically or horizontally. See below.

Ad Specifications

Ad SizeDimensions (in Inches)
Full page8.5 wide by 11 high
Half page, horizontal8.5 wide by 5.5 high
Half page, vertical4.25 wide by 11 high
Quarter page4.25 wide by 5.5 high
Eighth page (Business card sized Ad)4.25 wide by 2.75 high

The preferred file format is PDF; other formats can be accepted with prior arrangement.

Bleed images are accepted. If you want your ad to bleed off the page, please add a minimum of .25″ to your image size on the bleed edges.

Online Application

Apply online to reserve your ad space in California English.

Send inquires to Yisel Parra at